Wensen Qi (b.1977 in Toulouse, France),birth name Vincent Cazeneuve, accomplished his studies at Ecole des Metiers d’Art in Revel before opening his first studio specialized in the restoration of Western and Asian lacquer wares. To acquire the full knowledge on lacquer art, Wensen moved to Chongqing, China in 2009 and committed himself to deciphering the secret of lacquer as well as the traditional Chinese culture around this particular form of art. 

He gradually developed his own narratives and aesthetics from both occidental and oriental influences with his deceptively simple and yet complex language, and further explored the integration of lacquer with materials including ramie canvas, rope, bamboos, leather, etc. Wensen also adopts various texture effects, such as lithography, relief prints and mosaic collage, lending his artworks rich layers and tactile feelings.

Wensen’s work has been the subject of solo exhibitions both nationally and internationally, including Galerie Dumonteil, Paris (2019); Galerie Dumonteil, Shanghai (2018); Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong (2017); Chateau de Beaupré, Bouches-du-Rhône, France (2015); Yenakart Villa Art Gallery, Bangkok (2015); Espace Roguet, Toulouse, France (2014), etc. Wensen’s works have also been acquired by private collectors in France, Italy, the US, Switzerland and China.


Wensen Qi (Vincent Cazeneuve)

1977 Région de Toulouse, France
Ecole des Métiers d’Art, Revel, France


2017 Le Chemin (Path), Duo exposition, SinSin Fine Art, Hong Kong, Chine
2016 Wensen Qi Solo Show, Yang Guang 100 Arles, Chongqing, Chine
2015 Galerie DUMONTEIL, Shanghai, Chine
2015 Château de Beaupré, Bouches-du-Rhône, France
2015 Yenakart Villa Art Gallery, Bangkok, Thaïlande
2014 Les ouvrages en soie et en papier (Silk and Paper Works), The Company Studio, Shanghai, Chine
2014 Laque Contemporaine, Espace Roguet, Toulouse, France
2013 Galerie Hong Merchant, Shanghai, Chine
2013 Laque Contemporaine, Revel IMARA (Institu des métiers d’art & de l’artisanat d’art), Revel, France
2013 Les Couches Poétiques (Poetic Layers), Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong, Chine
2012 L’Art et la Matière, Paris, France
2011 Galerie Accord, L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, France 
2011 Châteaux Beaupré Deuleuze, St. Laurent des Arbres, France
2011 Galerie Hong Merchant, Shanghai, Chine
2010 Galerie le Pastel, Toulouse, France
2010 Salon Revelation, Revel, France
2010 Galerie le Pont des Arts, Suzhou, Chine
2009 Duo Show, Exposition Inaugurale, Chongqing XinTiandi, Chongqing, Chine


2017 A Long Fest along the Silk Road, Centre Culturel de Chine, Paris, France
2017 Exposition de Louis Vuitton, Singapour
2017 L’appréciation de l’art oriental moderne (Modern oriental art appreciation), Institut des Beaux Arts du Sichuan (Sichuan Fine Art Institute), Chongqing, Chine
2017 Exposition collective du 35e anniversaire, Galerie DUMONTEIL, Shanghai, Chine
2016 Engagé (Committed), Le French May, en collaboration avec Sinsin Fine Art Gallery, Hong Kong, Chine
2014 Double Bonheur (Double Happiness), Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong, Chine
2014 Revoir Partie 2 (Revisit Part 2), Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong, Chine
2013 Dix ans plus tard (Ten Years After), Hong Kong, Chine
2013 REACH, Art Basel, Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong, Chine
2013 Une partie de l’installation de la Journée du Patrimoine Français en collaboration avec le compositeur David Lataillade
2012 Lotus Arts de Vivre, Bangkok, Thaïlande
2011 Paysage (Landscape), Moon Art Space, Chongqing, Chine
2010 La Biennale d'Art contemporain de Shanghai (Shanghai Contemporary Art Biennale), Shanghai, Chine
2010 Commémoration pour le tremblement de terre du Sichuan (Memorial Sichuan Earthquake), Sichuan, Chine
2009 501 Art Space, Chongqing, Chine
2008 Saorge in situ, Saorge, France
2008 Performance, True Colors Art Space, Tokyo, Japan
2008 la Journée du Patrimoine Français, Musée de Revel, France


2018 Mon Voyage à l’Origine du Processus de Laque Chinoise (My Journey at the Roots of Chinese Lacquer Process), Académie des Arts de Chine (China Academy of Art), Hangzhou, Chine
2017 Construction/Destruction/Laque Traditionnelle Chinoise (Construction/Destruction/Traditional Chinese Lacquer), Institut des Beaux Arts du Sichuan (Sichuan Fine Art Institute), Chongqing, Chine


2020.07.11 – 2020.08.29
Shanghai, China
2019.09.14 – 2019.10.12
Paris, France
2018.09.01 – 2018.10.28
Shanghai, China
2017.09.23 – 2017.10.10
Shanghai, China


The Enduring Practices of Lacquer - WENG Jijun & Wensen QI, by Action Media
LACQUE MAN - a film by Arjarn Jin